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Palma (or Palma de Mallorca),is a historical Spanish city situated on the south coast of the Balearic island of Majorca in the Bay of Palma. A major port and the capital city of the Balearic Islands, Palma proudly traces its history to Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and the remains of a Talaiotic settlement. Read More...

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Stay at Beautiful Resorts in Palma de Mallorca

July 14, 2022
There is truly nothing more magnificent than traveling in style, especially when visiting a coastal city like Palma de Mallorca! Besides the tourist landmarks, the beautifully restored or designed architectural marvels make spending holidays here an experience to remember. Book a hotel room at any of these iconic resorts for scenic views that will surely take your breath away. Splurge & rest!
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Weekend Things to Do in Palma de Mallorca

June 21, 2022
Weekends are for recharging one's batteries! When it comes to weekends in Palma de Mallorca, guests can splurge on the wealth of gastronomic experiences, explore tucked-away towns, and more. Make the most of your weekends on your next trip to Palma de Mallorca. Here are some smashing things you can add to your must-do bucket list.
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Dreamy Destinations to Visit around Palma de Mallorca

May 26, 2022
How about satisfying the wanderlust in you by exploring some dreamy destinations in and around Palma de Mallorca? The city is blessed with amazing attractions, pretty stone villages, lovely sandy beaches, and rocky mountain landscapes. There's plenty to discover, and we've put together some of the prettiest hotspots around the city to help you plan your day trips.
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Palma de Mallorca’s Festive Easter Celebration

April 15, 2022
Like any other tourist destination, Palma de Mallorca is another city that is deeply rooted in its tradition and local culture. The Easter festival is not just a chance to welcome in the spring season, but it is also a time to celebrate family & friends with delicious local food and sweet treats. If you are visiting this city before the Easter festivities, here is how you can immerse yourself completely and enjoy the celebration!