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Palma (or Palma de Mallorca),is a historical Spanish city situated on the south coast of the Balearic island of Majorca in the Bay of Palma. A major port and the capital city of the Balearic Islands, Palma proudly traces its history to Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and the remains of a Talaiotic settlement. Read More...

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Enjoy Palma’s Delicious Street Food

May 08, 2018
Ensaimada Proudly produced on the island since the 17th century, Ensaimada is a sugar-dusted delicacy that many locals pair with their morning coffee on the go. This pastry is also stuffed with cream and chocolate during special occasions so, it is a definite must try! Wonderful scenery, popular tourist attractions and near perfect weather make Palma de Mallorca a famous tourist hotspot. Aside from the places to see, the exceptional amount of home-grown produce also make Palma a popular spot among the foodies. Visit this beautiful city, and try out some of the best street foods popular to Mallorca.
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Palma: The Nautical Capital of Spain

March 29, 2018
Palma de Mallorca is brimming with unending nautical prospects making the city a tourist hotspot. The idyllic setting, stunning marina, and exciting activities in Palma make the palce a paradisiacal getaway. And, here is all you need to know about Palma, the nautical capital of Spain.
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Top 3 Theme Parks in Palma de Mallorca

February 26, 2018
Imagine a city with turquoise-blue waters, plenty of sunshine, lavish luxury hotels, and a wonderful array of food options. Interested? Visit Palma de Mallorca, and if you are travelling with your family, then remember to save time to visit the theme parks, which are simply must-visits.
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Why Visit Palma de Mallorca

January 25, 2018
Does your idea of the perfect holiday include Spanish food, sandy beaches, and Mediterranean architecture? Well then, Palma de Mallorca is the right spot for you! This city offers you a unique opportunity to completely escape the bustling city life that we all know, and wind down for a relaxing holiday experience.