Discover Palma de Mallorca's High-End Shopping Destinations

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Palma de Mallorca is a prime destination for luxury shopping, offering a blend of high-end boutiques, designer stores, and exclusive local shops. Shopping enthusiasts can find exquisite handcrafted jewellery, bespoke leather goods, and sophisticated home decor. Here’s a peek.

Explore Paseo del Borne

Head to Paseo del Borne, (or 'Passeig des Born' in Catalan) one of the most elegant avenues in Palma. Nicknamed the Golden Mile, the avenue is a gorgeous boulevard lined with huge trees. The spot welcomes visitors with its charming cafés alongside small boutiques and shops with major national and international fashion labels. Shoppers can stroll around the shops on the Paseo del Borne, and some top picks here are Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Escada, and Max Mara, amongst others.

Shopping at Avenida Jaime III

Yet another popular luxury shopping area on the Golden Mile is Avenida Jaime III. It stretches between Paseo Mallorca and Paseo Borne. Shopaholics will find numerous stores, such as Cartier, Sandro Paris, Mango, and Lola, to name a few. 

Boutique Shopping

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Palma also has several exclusive boutiques that cater to those seeking unique and luxurious items. Some must-visit boutiques include Rialto Living, a lifestyle store offering everything from fashion to home decor. Try Corner, which specializes in high-end designer clothing and accessories and Gallery Red, an art and fashion concept store.

Luxury Malls and Shopping Centers

Shopaholics desirous of a more comprehensive shopping experience must visit one of Palma’s upscale shopping centres. Try visiting Porto Pi Centro Comercial and Fan Mallorca Shopping for an ultimate luxury shopping experience.

Yachting and Marina Boutiques

Given Palma’s status as a yachting hub, the marinas feature luxury shops catering to the yachting community. Puerto Portals, an upscale marina with designer boutiques and exclusive shops. Plus, there's Club de Mar, which offers high-end nautical fashion and accessories.

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