Uncover Hidden Gems in Palma de Mallorca

cycling by the beach
Credit: Pixabay/Paul Brennan

Are you wanting to visit some chilled-out spots? Maybe, a mix of history, some sun, and secret spots thrown in good measure? Well, Palma de Mallorca is the place for you. Here are some spots that are a must-visit that will make your trip amazing.

Hidden Paths Ideal for Cycling

Exploring Palma de Mallorca by bike through some of the city's hidden gems is an amazing experience. Take the route from El Borne and travel through the city's Old Town. It is fun to check out the historic lanes and get mesmerised by the path that leads to the seafront where visitors can enjoy stunning views of the seafront and the refreshing sea breeze. The bike route towards Portitxol is equally charming and serene.  Visitors will find the numerous cycling routes worth taking a tour around to explore the city.

Rejuvenate Body and Soul at Hammam Palma

A great way of relaxing and relieving stress is to head to Hammam Palma. Located close to Plaza España, visitors will love the music light and experience of getting wrapped in warm oils and eucalyptus aromas. Get ready to feel refreshed and completely recharged. The city is blessed with top-notch spas, so plan your trip to add pampering to your to-do list.

Explore Sa Calbra

Beach lovers, you cannot miss out on visiting Sa Calobra. The popular hotspot is tucked in among steep rock cliffs and has some amazing beaches to visit. Stop by to sample some delectable beach food. Take time to explore Torrent de Pareis, which is a larger and more remote beach on the island offering a unique experience with crystal clear and turquoise blue waters.

Visit Faro Capdepera

You cannot miss out on visiting the best lighthouse on the island. Located on Punta de Capdepera, the lighthouse courses back to 1861, and visitors can adore the terrain and the stunning lighthouse.

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