Western Water Park Fun Day

Water Park
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Spend a fun-filled day at the Western Water Park, splashing, sliding, swimming, or just chilling out with the whole family.

Located approximately 17 kilometers to the west of Palma central, Western Water Park is the epitome of a summer destination, complete with thrilling rides, lazy river, kid's fun zone, and many food shops. And of course, a gift shop for mementoes and other souvenirs.

Take adventure rides such as - Los 4 Diablos - a body slide, Tornado- a pairing slide with inflatable seat, Tijuana Twins - solo body slide, The Beast - almost 30m vertical drop solo slide, Boomerang- 15m half-pipe slide (solo/dual).

For the people who don't really appreciate adventure but just fun, there are rides that can be shared together by 3 or more people at a time. The Tam Tam Splash is an open wave pool, the Multipistas for synchronized sliding, Huracanis a tube slide for 2, Big Hole is a tube slide for 4, while the Megaslideis a mega-wide ride for 2. Most of these rides are kid-friendly (may require adult supervision).

Kidzworld is specifically designed for kids. Children's Paradise is a shallow pool with a water playground. Daky Park is another shallow pool with a cowboy-ish theme. Lago La Mina has safe low slides for children.

The Chill Out & Play area is for lounging and is the after-the-rush destination. Here you can relax at the Wild River with your whole family. Take an inflatable or simply swim with your companions along the river. Lastly, the Jacuzzi, this indoor facility features heated pools that would surely calm your muscles after a day of rowdy play!

Western Water Park's in-house restaurants promise the highest quality of food. Westernland serves yummy pizzas, salads, burgers, and chips. Pair them with a cold beverage and you're set for another round of exciting slides. Indiantown caters full meals and after-meal sweets including ice cream and desserts.

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