Mallorca Pirate Show with Dinner

Pirate Show
Pirate Show
Credit: Viator 

Spellbinding, fantastic, and excellent, the Pirate Show in Mallorca offers excitement, entertainment, larger-than-life performance, plus a complimentary dinner! This is one unforgettable night at the theatre one should not miss while in Mallorca.

You will be driven in an air-conditioned coach to the town of Magaluf, a resort town on the western coast of Mallorca. Start the pirate ball rolling as your guide and fellow guests merrily sing along some pirate tunes and put on your pirate-themed accessories (optional). Upon arrival, you will be guided to your designated seats at the Main Deck (no more than 15-meters from the stage) or Quarter Deck (upgraded). Keep in mind before purchasing your ticket that you have the option to get the premium Quarter Deck seat, plus a sweet deal of chocolate treasure pouch for kids and a glass of Spanish sparkling wine or cava for adults.
Watch in awe as the pirates hang on ropes and swing their swords while enjoying the dinner. The menu includes potatoes, chicken, sausages, salad, ice cream, along with soft drinks and  Buccaneer's punch. Please be reminded that photo and video cameras are not allowed inside.

The pirate show is an elaborate play with a variety of expert performers from all over the globe. The magnificent set, along with brilliant lighting and astounding sound effects, will take you into the swashbuckling, commandeering world of these ship savvy pirates.

It is a 2-hour spectacular fusion of acrobats, gymnasts, actors, dancers, and 100% fun pleasure and marvel at the mind-bending exhibitions and body formations by these troupers. This renowned pirate play has been running for 25 years.

Get your tickets now for your Mallorca Pirate Show with Dinner Tour.

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