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Bellver Castle in Palma

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Bellver Castle is one of the chief attractions in Palma. The castle, constructed under the reign of King James ll of Malorca in the 14th century, is an integral part of the history of Palma.
It was used as a prison for the whole of the 18th century and to the mid 20th century. Writer "Gasper Melchor de Jovellanos", was the most renowned inmate of this prison.

The Bellver Castle sports Gothic architecture and is one of the few circular castles in Europe. The meaning of Bellver is 'lovely view' in ancient Catalan.The castle is now under the administration of the city of Palma. The recurring feature of the castle are its towers. The minor towers are attached to the circular yard, while the principal tower is separate but still attached to the main structure by a bridge.

At present, the castle houses the municipal history museum. Many of the public events are held in the courtyard of the castle.

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