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Best time to go to Palma de Mallorca

Cathedral, Palma.
Cathedral, Palma. Credit: Pixabay

Spring is the best time to visit this beautiful island. It is the time when the wildflowers are blooming, the fiesta season is just starting, and the weather is not so hot.

The prices are not as expensive during this time either. If you decide to visit the mountains then pack your gear accordingly.

From the middle of June the prices to rise pretty quickly. September and October is a good time to visit. To get the most of your trip to be sure to go on at least one of the many Palma de Mallorca tours.

Between November and February, it is winter on the islands. Some restaurants and hoteliers close during this time. It might snow during this time. Expect plenty of rain and beware that this can lead to flash flooding and rocks falling as well.

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