Palma de Mallorca Ninebot Tours

Credit: Viator
Credit: Viator
Explore the beautiful surroundings of Palma on a Ninebot Segway. The Ninebot is a unique self-balancing short walking robot that will lead you through the city showing you sites you would have missed on a regular sightseeing trip. You have the choice of five different routes, each one with its own special tribute to the old city centre, the rambla area or Costa Blanca coastline. If you have less time on hand, choose a small tour of 45 minutes. Those who want make the most of their Palma visit can combine the itineraries of all tours.
Old city tour (1.5-hour)
Credit: Ralf Roletschek
Credit: Creative Commons/Ralf Roletschek
On this tour, you’ll make your way through the narrow streets of the old city centre where many popular tourist attractions are located. Continue along the seaside passing by lovely parks and hotspots. The itinerary includes sites such as Santa Eulalia Church, City Hall, El Olivo, Born walk, Es Portixol, Parc de la Mar and Mallorca Museum.

La Rambla tour (1.5-hour)

This tour provides you a different perspective of Palma. The streets of La Rambla have a beautiful modernist and gothic structures to admire, which can only be admired on a Segway. From the main square (Plaza Mayor), you’ll continue towards the well known La Rambla Boulevard passing by San Miguel Street. Further, you’ll continue towards Sa Riera Park, finally ending the ride at La Llotja, the old shopping district.

Portixol tour (1.5-hour)

The former fishing village of Portixol lies right next to Palma de Majorca. This suburb of Palma is today a charming beach resort, easily accessible using the traffic-free promenade. Make your way to the Portixol coastline through the seaside and restaurant area of the city, feeling the warm breeze on your face.

Mix tour (2-hour)

If you to make the most of your Palma visit, combine the itineraries of the Old City and Portixol Tours.

Small tour (45-minutes)

Travellers with less time on hand can avail this small tour. It will take you through the old city centre and pass by essential landmarks like the Arab Baths, the Cathedral and March Museum amongst others.

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