Wine Fair (Festa des Vermar), Binissalem

Fideus de Vermar
Fideus de Vermar. Credit: Gastronomicament
The wine capital of Mallorca, the town of Binissalem becomes one big party during the Wine harvest festival on the final day of the harvest. Wine lovers
from all over the world gather to experience this incredible wine fair which lasts for a fortnight. Visitors can enjoy events such as grape-treading, grape-throwing competitions, wine tastings and carnival-type processions while relishing the traditional delicacy Fideus de Vermar.

The festival’s major appeal is the “The Grape Battle” in which the participants splatter each other with grapes till all are all purple and blue. Then comes the Correfoc, or Firerun in which several entertainers masked as devils perform fire dances and fireworks. You can also be a part of the heritage parades which includes traditional folk songs and dances. The festival will start form 11th September upto 27th September 2015.

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Location: Binissalem

Date: 11th September - 27th September 2015.

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