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The serene ancient town of Alcudia

Alcudia, Mallorca
Alcudia, Mallorca
Credit: Mike Lehmann / CC BY-SA 3.0

Walk into the ancient medieval civilization in the old town of Alcudia. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and get the feeling of the bygone age on the quaint streets.

Alcudia was built two miles away from the shore to protect the town from the pillaging pirates. It is an entirely revived walled city with relics of some Roman houses and an amphitheatre. This city has one of the best markets in Mallorca and has some of the finest traditional fiestas alongside classical music festivals. The picturesque town can be explored either by walking or by car or a bicycle. Savour the traditional Mallorcan food at the small cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Just a few miles out of Alcudia lies the ‘Yannick & Ben Jakober Foundation’ - an art gallery with a sculpture garden. Twice a year Alcudia hosts bullfighting in the arena on July 25th (Saint Jaume) and August 15th (Mare de Déu d'Agost), the two traditional annual fights are very popular amongst the locals and the tourists.

To visit this lovely town you can get one of the sightseeing tours arranged by the local tourist office or just wander by yourself with the help of the map. Every Wednesday and Friday there are free guided tours arranged by the local guides.

Visiting Alcudia is an alltogether different experience and you can also enjoy 20-minute paragliding experience with a professional instructor.

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