Best Places to Buy Souvenirs near Palma


Palma de Mallorca is quite popular as a tourist destination because of its coastal beauty and its stunning landscape with historic sites. Regarded as a resort city, Palma is the place to be if you like beaches, Spanish cuisine and near perfect sunny weather. While there are shopping malls and local vendors in the city, we have written down some of the best places in and around Palma where you can easily buy top souvenirs.

Mimbreria Vidal

Mimbreria VIDAL
Credit: Mimbreria VIDAL

A shop that is traditional and artistic is the Mimbreria Vidal in Palma. It has been running by the same family for over a few decades and here you will find weaved baskets, chairs hats and even some wicker mats for a souvenir!

Inca Market

The distance from the town of Inca to Palma is roughly 28 kilometers (17 miles). At the town center, you can get some quality products at the market including some leather goods, shoes, and bags. If you want to buy shoes of the well-known brand Camper, visit the factory shop on the outskirts of Inca for a good deal.

Mercat de Santa Catalina

This is another popular shop in Palma and is open every day except Sundays. This indoor market has numerous stalls with all things from wine, cheese, oils, and chutneys all beautifully packaged and ready for you to take home!

Teixits Vicens

Teixits Vicens
Credit: Teixits Vicens

The town of Pollensa is roughly an hour away and you can easily rent a car in Palma de Mallorca and visit this exquisite artisan textile factory. Like many, this is also a family company that has been running since the mid-1800s. You can visit the workshop and see the products and even grab a fabric, some cushion covers or bags as well!

Don’t miss out on shopping some local goods and marking your holiday experience by visiting the coastal city of Palma de Mallorca as soon as possible!

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