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Etiquette in Palma de Mallorca

Plaça Major (Palma) Credit: Creative Commons/Joergsam
Plaça Major (Palma)Credit: Creative Commons/Joergsam
When travelling to a foreign land, you need to be conversant with matters of etiquette besides the cultures of the people. Here are some Mallorca travel tips to consider when travelling around the island.
It is highly important to dress appropriately. At the beach, it is okay to wear swimsuits and shorts. While in town and churches, skirts and trousers are more appropriate. It is a sign of disrespect for men to walk around bare-chested unless they are at the beach. In churches, wearing shorts that are below the knees is prohibited for both men and women. Women are not allowed to wear tops without sleeves. Both men and women should cover their shoulders.
Día de playa
Credit: Creative Commons/Andrés Nieto Porras
When greeting a woman that you have been introduced to it is common to kiss her cheek. This can be done in business and social situations. When you visit Palma de Mallorca avoid criticizing Mallorca and their country. Avoid talking about politics and the 1930 civil war. Do not boast or act superior when around Mallorcans. Show appreciation of their diverse cultures by being understanding and friendly. While at the island, you can learn a few words of the Mallorca dialect. It is advisable that you avoid discussions regarding historical events when interacting with locals.

When undertaking Palma activities such as going to the beach, do not leave rubbish anywhere. People are prohibited from playing loud music at the beach. It is also considered disrespectful to go around nude. It is common to see street signs, menus, and road signs written in the Catalan language so you need to learn what basic signs mean for convenience purposes.

Tipping is not a common custom. However, when you tip, it is viewed as a sign of appreciation. In case you rent a car in Palma, ensure you understand the road rules and abide by them to avoid friction with the law or other drivers.

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