Things about Spain that Shock First-time Visitors

The cheerful people of Spain do have some quirks that take first-time visitors by surprise. Have a look at some of the things that we have compiled for you, to make you understand the people of Spain a bit better.
  • Most number of bars per person in Europe
    Credit: Creative Commons/Achim Schleuning
    Credit: Creative Commons/Achim Schleuning

Spain holds the world record as the country with the most bars per person
. Bars in Spain are places where people don’t just visit for a drink, but also for meeting other people, watching football, and also for celebrating.
  • Flexible with time
    The Spanish goes about their life at a leisurely pace, you will seldom see them in a hurry. If you go to a Spanish restaurant and the waiter does not come quickly to you do not get offended, as he is not in a hurry and thinks you are not either.
  • Siesta
    Credit: Creative Commons/Bjørn som tegner
    Credit: Creative Commons/Bjørn som tegner
    Every afternoon, everything comes to a halt in Spain when the people take their siesta. People take a nap after lunch and the shops also remain closed. However, because of the demands in the market, currently the siesta is becoming a dying tradition.
  • Hand Gestures

The Spanish people talk not only with their mouth but also by using their hands. So, while visiting Spain get to know about these gestures so you won’t be clueless in an ongoing conversation.
  • Personal Space:
    Credit: Creative Commons/flydime
    Credit: Creative Commons/flydime

If you talk to a stranger don’t be startled if they come too close, they may even touch your arm or put their arm around you. Don’t worry, these things are considered normal and the people are affectionate and warm.

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