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Enjoy New Year's Eve in Palma de Mallorca

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Enjoy your New Year's Eve at The Spanish Mediterranean like you have never enjoyed it before.
The New Year's Eve is the time to visit Palma de Mallorca! Take a walk around and see the Fira de Nadal i dels Reis, the New Year lane market that is found all across Palma. Authentic handcrafted items called are famous in these markets. Do try Gató d'ametlla de Mallorca, a Mallorcan delicacy that is made from almonds, sugar, eggs and ground lemon peel, a tasty dessert.

During New Year Eve in Mallorca, you will be able to see countless musical and theatre performances, as well as participating in the New Year concerts and comedy shows. There are several craft workshops that can turn your New Year's Eve into a truly memorable experience. Beginning December 31st, Mallorcans gather at what is known as the Plaza de Cort in celebration of the New Year. As soon as midnight nears, the whole area fills up with lively music, lights, and abounding happiness.

Another place that people gather at is the seafront, where they will greet the Magi from the Bible, as they arrive from the east in a boat along with the Royal Cavalcade. When they arrive they give gifts out to everyone, kids and adults.

Overall, there is no better way to spend New Year's Eve other than with a visit to Palma de Mallorca. With such a rich and colourful culture and festive New Year's Eve celebrations, Be sure to bring back one of the many authentic Mallorcan souvenirs to show all of your friends how great fun time you had.

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