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Getting around in Palma de Mallorca

Exploring any city is an adrenaline-charged experience. A visit to Palma de Mallorca presents you with gilded beaches, vibrant nightlife and Mediterranean views. There are bounteous attractions in Palma de Mallorca which is a tourist’s delight. Here’s how you can get around in the city.
By Bus

The local bus service of Palma is popularly called EMT and is an efficient and cheap option. There are 29 lines, and around 180 fleet of buses which are equipped with onboard screens and loudspeakers used for announcing stops supporting smooth commuting.

Nightlife lovers can take the Bus de Nit (Night Bus in Catalán) which plies on Friday and Saturday between 11.00 pm and 6.00 am, and has a frequency of 20-minutes. The regional bus service, Transport de les Iles Balears (TIB) offers service around the island, while the sightseeing buses offer hop-on and hop-off privileges.

By Car Rentals

Driving around the city is an exciting option. You can rent a car in Palma de Mallorca through the numerous rental agencies. For renting you need to be of 21-years and a licence-holder. The car-hiring rates may vary.

By Train
The rail is a preferred option while traveling outside the city. The rail service is operated from terminals in Placa d'Espanya which has two railway lines. The Tren de Soller route is more scenic than the route plying to the city of Inca.

You can try the metro services which are offered between Palma and the University. Walking around the cobblestone streets is another popular option or get around the city on a bicycle. It is easy to ride and there are plenty of bike parks.

By Taxi

The Taxis in Palma are popular and safe travel options. They are white-coloured and metered. There are many taxi ranks, and hiring can be done either by hailing available taxis or reserving.

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