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A day trip to the beautiful valley of Sóller

Credit: Creative Commons/Top Cat 14
Credit: Creative Commons/Top Cat 14
The lush green valley of Sóller welcomes you with open arms. The town of Sóller lies at a distance of about 3km from the Port de Sóller and is located in a large basin-shaped valley. This beautiful town and valley is a major day trip destination for the tourists in Mallorca and Majorca.
This scenic place can be easily reached by a car, or for a timeless experience you can take the vintage ‘Tranvía de Sóller’ train which runs between this town and the coastal village of Port de Sóller. The valley provides a refreshing gateway from the busy city life and is just the place where you can closely observe the traditional Majorcan way of life.
Credit: Creative Commons/Olaf Tausch
Credit: Creative Commons/Olaf Tausch
Explore attractions like the marvellous church of Sant Bartomeu, the Plaça Constitució, the scenic Port of Sóller and also check out the numerous snug little cafes and bistros that line up the streets. The houses built by the wealthy immigrants back in the twentieth century are also worth a visit as they replicate the fin de siècle Art Nouveau housing styles of France.

Sóller also hosts a variety of fairs and festivals throughout the year, the most notable being the Moros y Cristianos Fira & Firo, which is celebrated to remember the battle of 1561 between the pirates and the locals. Other major festivals are the celebration of Saint Joan and the fiesta of Saint Pere.

Enjoy all this and much more when you visit Palma de Mallorca, and have the most fulfilling time of your lives.

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