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A tour to Santuari de Lluc from Palma de Mallorca

Credit: H. Zell
Credit: Creative Commons/H. Zell
There are abundant tours in Palma de Mallorca, which alleviate your experience of discovering the Mediterranean resort city of Palma. If you wish to explore Palma’s spiritual core away from the hustle bustle of the city? Then plan a tour to the Monastery of Lluc Tour (Santuari de Lluc) from Palma de Mallorca.
This 13th-century Monastery of Lluc is one of the most-visited pilgrimage sites in Mallorca (Majorca), which is situated north-west of the island and nestled on the idyllic valleys of Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. On a day tour to the Sanctuary of Lluc explore the scenic village of Lluc, la Morenta (the Virgin of Lluc), the monastery and more. To explore the monastery on your own, you could rent a car in Palma de Mallorca and drive about an hour to reach the Monastery of Lluc. Booking the tour to the monastery would include driving down with a small/large group via a private coach.

Learn the history of Monastery of Lluc (Latin origin of Lluc is ‘lucus’ signifying ‘sacred forest’) which emanates the presence of a pagan sanctuary. It is believed that the statue of Virgin of Lluc was discovered near a stream bank in Lluc by a Moorish shepherd and monk. On installation of the statue in a local Parish church, villagers who came to pray found that she had disappeared from the church, reappearing on the banks. This miracle was celebrated by building a small chapel in her honour and later replaced with the Monastery of Lluc around 13th century.

The guided tour of the monastery includes a visit to the Baroque Basilica de Virgin of Lluc, the museum and the nearby village of Lluc. You can spend time in the verdant botanical gardens and look out for the oldest choir group which has gained international fame, the Escolania boys choir sing (also called El Blauets).


Hola, I am bringing a Coach (50 pax) to Palma for 5 days 6-10th November. We are staying in Palma, and wish to visit Lluc Sanctuary on the 7th November in the afternoon. Could you please advise if you are Open on the 7th November and any costs for entrance fees etc. We are all SENIORS (65+) I have an itinerary for the remaining days in Mallorca, but would very much like to visit the Sanctuary on the 7th. I await your email Thank you Linda
Hello Linda
It would be good to contact Lluc Sanctuary for the correct information.
Generally, it is open all days from 08:00 - 22:00

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