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Monastery Stays in Mallorca

Santuari de Lluc
Santuari de Lluc, Credit: PD Photo
Staying in a monastery lends the most divine experience that no star hotel can offer. Even if one is not an ardent religious believer, appreciating the quiet beauty of a monastery will come naturally. Considering, the size of Majorca, the island has a surprisingly large number of hotel-converted monasteries.
  • Tossals Verds: Tossals Verds is a refuge located in the public estate of Tossals Verds in SW Escorca and is owned by Consell de Mallorca. It provides dormitory-style accommodation with 8 or 12-beds in each room. Shared washing room and communal dining room truly urges our spirit of sharing which is probably missing in extravagant hotels. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Book your stay at least 5 days beforehand.
  • Santuari de Lluc: Santuari de Lluc is the largest monastery accommodation in Mallorca and is located in the very small municipality of Escorca. Situated at a height of 525 meters, the monastery proffers panoramic views of high mountains, particularly Puig de Massanella. It contains 129 cells, each affording resting place for one to six visitors, depending on single, double, quadruple or 6-bed room occupancy. Although this monastery does not serve any religious purpose today, it still has the resident boys' choir sing in the front of the monastery's statue of a Black Virgin (La Moreneta). Also, it is frequented by many day-trippers who love the deliciously prepared food at its four restaurants.
  • Santuari del Puig de María: The Santuari del Puig de Maria, (offering splendid views of Pollenca), is one of the oldest religious places on the island that started off as a small oratorio. Today it is a low-budget monastery accommodation atop the Puig de María hill where visitors can rest for a € 25-30 per night. The 12 youth hostel style guestrooms come with very basic facilities such as writing desks in rooms, shared washing rooms, a communal dining room and a bar service providing snacks.

Other equally impressive monasteries worth visiting are Santuari de Sant Salvador, Santuari de Cura, Ermita de Bonany, Santuari de Monti-Sion and Castell de Alaró.

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