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Ways to spend 24 hours in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

The Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca is a truly a beautiful sight for sore eyes. The picturesque coastal city is a popular tourist destination with its pristine beaches and ancient historic relics. Despite the scenic beauty, sometimes it may not be possible to go exploring for a long holiday. Find out how you can enjoy and not miss out on visiting this city by exploring it in a day!

Enjoy the delicious cuisine

Ensaimada pastry
Credit: Flickr / Marco Verch

Spanish food is heavenly on its own, but the seafood menu that is provided on many restaurants is simply a must have to try. Whether it is the famous Ensaimada pastry or the Tapas known in all of Palma, the choice is yours. Enjoy all that you can eat in these 24 hours and let loose!

Hike up the Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle

Enjoy the view from the medieval castle of Palma. The Bellver Castle sits on top a hill covered with a winding path, lovely pine trees and over 450 steps to reach the top. Quite a workout after you have had your fill of the food!

Frolic by the sandy beach

Sandy Beach

Palma de Mallorca has a decent stretch of the sandy beach, where you can cool off after an afternoon of exploring. Grab a tan or try out some water sports activities with your family.

Enjoy an evening stroll at the marina

Evening Stroll at Marina
Credit: Flickr / Yannis "aspygr" Raf

Continue spending the last of your time in this scenic environment with a casual stroll. Mingle with the locals at the marina, or enjoy the upbeat marina front bars and clubs that will get you buzzing while you enjoy the night with a bar crawl, partying till sunrise.

Why wait now when you can simply book a flight, take a day off work and head over the beautiful Palma de Mallorca for some Spanish sunlight!

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