Join Sa Rua & Sa Rueta Carnival Celebrations in Palma

Credit: Flickr / Bengt Nyman / CC BY 2.0

Palma de Mallorca makes an amazing holiday destination with its incredible attractions, excellent food options, and gorgeous coves. Called as the pearl of the Mediterranean — Palma transforms itself into an exciting party zone during the Sa Rua & Sa Rueta street carnivals. The celebrations are an ideal time to visit the city and here’s are some interesting facts about the carnivals.

The Sa Rua & Sa Rueta carnivals in Palma in 2019 will tentatively be from 2nd March to 6th March. The weather is pleasant in Palma during this time, and the average temperature is around 9-10°C (48.2-50°F). The temperature gradually rises to around 12-13°C (53.6-55.4°F). 

The carnival in Palma is featured with massive parties. Each year the city celebrates the onset of Lent with parades and street parties. Join in the celebrations with scrumptious food and drink options, live music, and colourful fancy dress parades. 


The Sa Rueta (the children's event) and the Sa Rua (the adult's parade) bring in a lot of festive fervour. During Sa Rueta, you'd find kids marching, and there would be concerts and prizes too. The fiesta is featured with the main parade, special performances with dancing and singing, and floats and more. Some of the events are judged for the creativity and the best teams are rewarded. 

You would love to soak up the carnival atmosphere and witness spectacular floats, elaborate costumes, and sample mouth-watering gastronomy. Foodies can look forward to tasting some delicacies like Ensaimada con Tallades, a traditional dessert stuffed with pork loin and butifarrón (a Mallorcan sausage), enjoy other typical pastries, chocolate empanadas, and sweet canned pumpkin. The Carnival usually ends with the sad burial of the sardine. It's an emotional finale, which marks the end to one of the liveliest celebrations in Palma.

Come and experience the carnival magic. Book your flights now and enjoy the festivities.

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