Palma de Mallorca’s Festive Easter Celebration

Easter in Andalusia
Easter in Andalusia. Credit: Pixabay / Luisfpizarro

Like any other tourist destination, Palma de Mallorca is another city that is deeply rooted in its tradition and local culture. The Easter festival is not just a chance to welcome in the spring season, but it is also a time to celebrate family & friends with delicious local food and sweet treats. If you are visiting this city before the Easter festivities, here is how you can immerse yourself completely and enjoy the celebration!

Good Friday, the day before Easter weekend, is when the celebrations and processions all across town begin. You can participate in the festivities and the processions wearing attractive costumes and masks. The cloaked figures walking bare feet with long candles cut an imposing vision, especially in the Silent procession. Children are also encouraged to be a part of the parade, especially with the reenactment of Christ and other religious plays.

Treats and specially cooked feasts during Easter make this holiday incredibly fun. Not only is nature in full bloom, but the festivities mark an important celebration with full pomp and splendour. There are annual Easter fairs in and on the outskirts of Palma. Ferris wheels, game stalls and rides bring out the child in everyone! Families come together and cook together with mouth-watering treats like robiola (crescent-shaped pastries), crespelle (pumpkin with biscuits) and empanadas (meat-filled pies). It truly is a time when the city comes alive!

If you are a foodie or a shopaholic, this city is perfect for visiting during the Easter holidays. Popular restaurants and local cafes provide your Easter favourite meals, and shopping centres and boutique stores entice you to loosen your wallet strings with attractive discounts and offers. You can even avoid crowds by booking local creations straight from the artist online and getting them delivered to your home or your hotel!

Follow the festivities from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, visit the mass held at the Palma Cathedral and get a chance to pray, sing, dance and eat with your local community. Enjoy!

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