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Delicious Dishes to Try in Palma During Winter


If there's one thing that every city has that is truly authentic besides its culture and history, it is the delicious food & cuisine. Palma de Mallorca is a well-known coastal city in Southern Spain, blessed with picturesque beaches; you cannot ignore the mouth-watering seafood cuisine at local restaurants. Read more and learn about some exotic dishes that you must try out, especially during the winter season in Palma. Buon appetit!


Ever had freshly cooked doughnuts? That's what you'll find in Mallorca, especially during the autumn season. Bunyols are just freshly cooked potato doughnuts that are served with a generous topping of sugar. During your food tours & cruises around the city, you'll find plenty of vendors serving these delicacies. Be sure to eat them while they are piping hot!

Lechona asada

If you're in the mood for a traditional Christmas dish, then make sure to have Lechona asada. This dish includes a 24-hour marinated pork cooked with herbs like rosemary, garlic, bay leaf and brandy. It is roasted in an oven and later enjoyed as a family meal with a side of salads and veggies.

Arros brut

Arros brut is a deliciously hot rice dish that is one of the best comfort foods you can enjoy on a cool winter day. It is similar to a paella, with a combination of meat, veggies & rice in a soup-like consistency. This brown dish includes seasonal meat & vegetables. Chicken is the most common, but you'll find snails, rabbits and even game meat.

Llom amb Col

Another seasonal dish that is popular during the wintertime is Llom amb Col, which consists of pork loin, cabbage, and other local ingredients. Traditionally, the meat is cooked in a clay pot after being wrapped in cabbage. Nowadays, you'll find it served with botifarra and sobrassada, which is just pine nuts, raisins and tomatoes. Buon appetit!


Credit: RafelJuan / CC-BY-SA-3.0 

Llonguet is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable food items created by a majority of the Palma residents. It is essentially a fluffy bread that has a deep crack in the middle and is most often used to make sandwiches. Enjoy it on the go, or have it with a spread of salads and meat for a filling meal. The best part is that it is readily prepared throughout the year.

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