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Incredible Ferrocarril de Soller: An Interurban Railway

Palma de Mallorca
Credit: Creativecommons/Chixoy
Ferrocarril de Soller is an interurban railway, which runs between towns of Soller and Palma on the Spanish island of Mallorca. It has an electrified 914 mm (3ft) gauge tracks operated by FS.
Covering a route north from the capital across the plains, the historic electric train winds through mountains and 13 tunnels of the Serra de Tramuntana, ultimately ending in the large railway station of the northern town of Soller.

In 1911, the construction of railway station began due to the profits of orange and lemon trade. At present, it is one of top-notch tourist attractions, which run between two major settlements in Mallorca. The railway is closed in December and January for annual maintenance.

Mallorca is home to two ‘mainline’ railway lines, the Palma railway station and the Sollar railway station, connecting Palma to Manacor and Sa Pobla. Both of these lines go via Inca, the train passes though a wonderful scenic route from Palma to Soller.

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