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The Banys Arabs (Arabian Baths)

The Banys Arabs
The Banys Arabs
Credit: José Luis Filpo Cabana / CC BY 3.0

The Arabian baths or Banys Arabs as it is called stands testimony to the rich Moorish past of Palma. It is one of the few Moorish buildings found in the medieval quarter of the city. The area can be accessed through the tranquil Ca'n Serra street, close to the Convent of the Cathedral.

The Banys Arabs is a serene oasis in a bustling city. The two-roomed building dates back to the 11th century and originates in the Byzantine era. Before it became a hammam (Bath House), this place is believed to have been the property of an Arab nobleman.

The entrance to the bathhouse is through a lush garden. The domed chamber is supported by 12 columns. The horseshoe-shaped, arched dome evokes an era of the past. Various apertures can be seen in the dome. These apertures were an escape way for the steam. A double floor was used for hot water and steam to flow. A room for cold baths also existed. Unfortunately, it was lost to time.

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