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Palma de Mallorca Bike and Kayak Tour

Bike Tour
Credit: Piqsels
Set a day for a lovely bike tour around the coastal paths and historical areas of Palma de Mallorca. After having seen the city's landmarks and gaining little knowledge of the culture, shift to a kayak and leisurely traverse through the calm waters, enjoying the scenic, beautiful Bay of Palma.

At the starting point of the tour, your guide will be waiting with a bike and helmet. A slow, comfortable pedalling pace is the best way to hear facts and trivia about the town and buildings. You will zigzag through the streets of Palma de Mallorca Old Town after breezing along the harbour and waterfront roads. The Old Town has a lot of Arabic culture influence. Squeezed in between are narrow walkways mostly populated by tourists. Charming houses line the streets, some are converted into museums or other businesses. Proceed to Parc de le Mar and continue a ride alongside the city walls.

Marvel at the grandeur of Palma Cathedral La Seu. Up close, this massive structure bears Catalan Gothic detailing and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The church interiors were initially handled by famed architect Antoni Gaudi, who specializes in Catalan Modernism, during 1901.

As you head closer to the water, bike along Es Molinar and Poltixor, which were fishing villages. The next stop - Ciudad Jardin Beach is for the kayaking.

After briefing and instructions, board a kayak and slowly paddle through the blue sea.  See Palma Beach from a different perspective, from the middle of the bay!  Head on to Cala Estancia to drink the complimentary water or soft drink provided. Dive for a quick swim before approaching the shores.

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