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Mallorca 4-Hour Private Wine Tour with Wine-tasting

Red n white wines
Wines. Credit: Public Domain/Photo-mix
Mallorca has been making wine since the Romans since they brought it to the island in the first century AD. Indulge in your exclusive private tour specially designed for wine lovers who would like to visit a vineyard and have a closer insight into the wine-making process as well as enjoy some wine-tasting accompanied with tapas.

Once you’re picked up from your hotel in morning or afternoon (choice is yours), you’ll be driven to visit the beautiful Mallorcan wineries that historically specialise on growing native grapes. The 4-hour tour, accompanied by a wine-maker will take you around the winery and will explain you everything about their wineries, wines and its ageing process. Later on, you will taste the winery’s wines paired with abundant delicious typical Mallorcan tapas. At the end of the tour, you could get an opportunity to purchase a wine.

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