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Explore the ancient history of the Palmeral of Elche

Palmeral of Elche
Palmeral of Elche
Credit: José Carlos Díez / CC BY 3.0

The history of Spain is filled with the remnants of the many different cultures that had taken control of the country in the past. When choosing to visit Palma de Mallorca and the ancient Muslim city of Elche the chance to explore one of the major feats of engineering undertaken by the invading armies is available in the Palmeral of Elche.

This is an area filled with groves of date palms that were positioned and planned by the Muslim invaders from the Middle East who felt the area was similar in its landscape to that of their homelands. Not only is the area filled with beautiful palms that provide an amazing backdrop to the region, but it is also home to an elaborate irrigation system that is one of the major achievements of the period of Muslim rule in Spain. Palma trips allow easy access to Elche and which also include the castles and temples created in the area over eight centuries ago.

This is the only palm grove style oasis on the entire European continent, which makes it a major tourist attraction during a visit to Palma de Mallorca. The oasis includes a wild forest and intricate gardens, which are all supplied with water by the still functioning irrigation system of yesteryears. During the visit here don't forget to explore remains of the original settlement of Elche, which also provides a stark contrast between the irrigated left bank of the river and the largely unused right bank.

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