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The Magical town of Valldemosa

Credit: Creative Commons/Abrget47j
Credit: Creative Commons/Abrget47j
The picturesque town of Valldemosa belongs to the Tramuntana Valley, and is a part of the Balearic Islands. It is popular amongst the tourists in Europe as it reflects the rich Spanish culture and traditions and has retained them till date.
The quaint town, is renowned worldwide as a place of exceptional beauty since the 19th century, and has lured many eminent personalities such as philosopher Ramon Llull, Rubén Darío, Jovellanos, Santiogo Rusiñol Chopin, George Sand, and many more.

One of the major attractions of the place includes a 13th century monastery which was once a palace of the royals, but was later converted into a monastery. Apart from that, this place is all about enjoying the nature’s bounty, and is a paradise of some sorts for people who love trekking, hiking, cycling and climbing.
The Valldemossa Port is another attraction situated in the close vicinity of the town, and is a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming. The beach is very peaceful and serene and is generally not crowded.

They also have a variety of traditional and cultural festivals like the Festival of Saint Bartomeu, Festes de la Beata, Annual Artdemossa, etc. and all the festivals are celebrated with fun and enthusiasm.
So, if you want to go off the trodden tracks and discover something special, Valldemossa welcomes you with open arms.

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