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Snorkeling and Scuba diving tours from Palma

There is something deeply therapeutic when you connect to marine life and water sports. The Mediterranean spread of colours of lavish shades of aqua-green is pure magic and the sea breeze revitalising.
If you love the outdoors and adrenaline pumping water sports, then visit Palma de Mallorca and indulge in the splendours of the underwater world. The outdoor activities in Palma de Mallorca are deeply stimulating and snorkelling and scuba diving tours from Palma are on the top of the list..

You can opt for the Snorkeling and Boat Tour in the wonderful Natural Park of the Bay of Palma popular for its awe-inspiring wildlife. Steer away from the port with your friends and family on a contemporary boat maneuvered by an adroit captain. As you absorb the atmosphere discover the environs of the Natural Park of the Bay of Palma. You will get an opportunity to explore the rich reserves of flora and fauna, and enjoy the close encounter with wildlife of the Mediterranean Sea.

Next, get ready to try the new mask EasyBreath for your snorkelling stint. If you know how to swim and are above 8 years then you would qualify for this thrilling trip set at an easy level.
Scuba Diving
Alternately, you can opt for the scuba diving course for beginners. You will learn the activity in safe quarters (in protected and shallow waters), maintaining the same breathtaking premise of the activity. Enjoy this tour with your family, as you learn how to breathe underwater and fuse yourself with the underwater world. The introduction course will begin with a theoretic class including a video teaching you the basics of scuba and diving safely. Later, practice these basics, and enjoy the Mediterranean underwater experience whilst encountering native wildlife. The pre-requisites for this tour are - knowing how to swim and be atleast 8 years old.

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