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Best Photography Spots in Palma de Mallorca

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Credit: Pexels
Palma de Mallorca is a pretty town that is at the Mediterranean coast with the serene blue waters throughout its frontiers.  This city has plenty of wondrous spots to get amazing pictures!
If you are the one who likes to capture bits of beauty in your camera, then Palma de Mallorca is a must-visit place for you!
Posta de Sol, Mallorca
Posta de Sol, Mallorca
Credit: Flickr / MARIA ROSA FERRE / CC BY-SA 2.0

The city of Palma has some amazing picturesque spots like the Ventana Dedicada, Basilica Francesco, and Pueblo Visitas. Be greeted by streets adorned with attractive street art by various artists. These locations will give you a lot of portraits and landscapes photos. Being a coastal city, it has many beautiful beaches, just take a long walk alongside the coast for getting some stunning pictures of the serene Mediterranean coast… Besides these, there are some places listed below which will enhance your photographic experience!

Cuber lake is a must-see place especially for people who love night photography. This lake is located at a height of 1000m which keeps it calm and away from pollution. Click amazing pictures of the reflection of the starry sky in the lake.

Cathedral Palma de Mallorca is a place where you will get many frames worth a click. It is a monument which has one of the biggest windows in its wall in the world. The place looks amazing in the glazing daylight as well as the dim evening light.

La Seu Cathedral Palma
La Seu Cathedral Palma
Credit: VagabondQuest / CC BY 3.0

A Fortress named Torre de Pau is an old monument which is worth a visit, especially for portrait photographers.  Again, the Palma de Mallorca Harbor is another place to click awesome photos. It has the world’s biggest yacht. The ships which are ported in harbour give a great view through lenses!

After having explored the beaches, renowned attractions, and monuments around Palma de Mallorca, visit the Old town and sight some awesome frames in the lanes of this old town. Several monuments, old buildings, interesting houses, cafes, restaurants, and people around the town can make your random clicks just fine and perfect. Make it a point to click some pretty water lilies and other plants at the Bishop's garden located in the old town.

A visit to Palma de Mallorca will enrich your collection of wonderful photographs!

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