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Know More About the Towns Near Palma

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Palma de Mallorca has always been a loved destination for travellers with unique artistic perception and special prudence of beauty. This wonderful city and its turquoise water beaches have always attracted the most sensitive and explorative minds. If you are the one who is drawn towards the serene beauty of this Spanish island city, then here is something you need to know about the beautiful towns near Palma de Mallorca.

Pollensa is one of the most typical Mallorcan towns. In this town, the island’s history is kept alive. The town celebrates events like the renowned fight between the Turkish invaders and the Christians in 1550, and also the Easter which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. There is an eminent church in the town - the Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles and is renowned for the attractive barrel vault and the Baroque Altar. While in this town,  enjoy the uniqueness of the island in its traditional food and crafts markets.

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Deiá is a village which is famous for its serene photogenic views and is perhaps one of the most photographed places in Mallorca. It is located just underneath the Puig des Teix and is a place preferred by many artists. It is a cosy coastal town with an old church of Saint Joan on the hilltop and a museum of religious objects. There is also an archaeological museum, built by American William Waldren in the year 1962, which has a methodical chronology of Balearic prehistory and evolution.

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Cala Deiá
The crystal clear blue waters of the beaches in Cala Deiá are extremely irresistible for the beach lovers. The quaint beaches make this town a popular tourist attraction of the island. While walking along the shore, you will notice the small dry docks which are used to launch boats into the sea, and also the beautiful summer houses and fishing huts.

Plan a one day tour to these beautiful towns during your travel to Palma de Mallorca.


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