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Must-Try Traditional Food in Palma

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The city of Palma is all about enjoying your life. People come here to spend some relaxed time enjoying the sun and the sea. The city is a perfect spot to have a fun-filled vacation with your family and friends.

Let us now have a quick review of the must-have food in Palma de Mallorca to give your Palma tour a delicious twist.

1) Sobrasada

The Sobrasada are a speciality of the Balearic Islands and are made with pork, salt, paprika and a variety of other spices. They are prepared during the traditional autumn and winter pig slaughter ritual which is celebrated in matança.

2) Botifarra

The Botifarra is another type of sausage which is one of the most important parts of the Catalan cuisine. It is not easily available in Palma, but if you do get a chance to sample it, do not miss them for anything.

3) Pamboli

The Pamboli are traditional Mallorca bread sandwiches made with brown bread, ramallet tomatoes, olive oil and some salt. They are topped with jamón or cheese according to the preferences.

4) Ensaimada

Credit: Creative Commons/Lisa Stevens

The Ensaimada’s are the famous pastries from the Mallorca region and are available in varieties depending on their fillings. You can get Ensaimada filled with chocolate, cream, fruit or just sugar.

5) Bunyols

Made with boiled potatoes, eggs, yeast and flour, the Bunyols are mostly seasonal and are available only in autumn. Fried and served sugar coated they will certainly melt your heart.

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