Beat the Heat with These Cool Tricks in Palma

Beach summer
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Palma is a great place to travel all year round, with the city experiencing great Mediterranean weather. However, the temperatures can rise especially during the summer months, making guests sprawl to beat the beat. Here are some great ways for those struggling to find ways to keep cool on their trip to the city.

Drink lots of fluids

The most popular tip to keep cool is to hydrate. So, drink lots of water, and avoid consuming too much alcohol or caffeine. Alcohol doesn't allow the body to activate alert mechanisms when the body temperature rises, and caffeine increases the metabolism, which can cause heat intolerance symptoms. Guests can also try hot tea on a hot day, which can act as a natural coolant. The hot tea makes one sweat, which adds to the cooling effect.

Dress appropriately

In the summer months (June - September), remember to wear plenty of sunscreens. Keep your sunglasses and a hat handy. Guests can choose to have light-coloured clothing and opt for loose sleeves avoiding tight clothing. Choose breathable fabrics that are just a single layer. One can try printed attire, which is fun and also give a youthful island vibe. Pair it with sneakers, and pack your swimwear for the beach or pool. 

Eat foods and snacks that help to cool off

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When it's piping hot, choose to have cooling foods. One can consider having fruits, fresh vegetables, or even spicy peppers. Peppers? Well, this sounds a little odd, but spicy peppers can help cool down. Keep space for a bowl of yoghurt or ice cream to cool you down.

Enjoy siesta

Avoid too much sunshine, especially between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. Instead, catch on some siesta, it's refreshing to enjoy a nap, and it helps avoid the heat. After enjoying the siesta, choose to go sightseeing to explore the city, and here are some exciting options.


A dip in the sea or a pool is always refreshing. So, keep your beachwear handy and plan a visit to some of the city's beaches for a dip. Those who wish to stay out of the sun can choose to hit the indoor pools. If you want to enjoy a dip at the beautiful beaches, check out the best beaches in Palma.

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