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Climate in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca is the capital and the principal city in the sovereign community of the Spanish Balearic Islands. It lies on the south coastline of Majorca on the Bay of Palma and is situated at the height of 43 feet above the sea level.
The Island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has a Mediterranean type climate which can be described as mild winters and warmer summers. Read on to know about the climate of the island to make your visit to Palma more enjoyable.

The climate in Palma is cold semi-arid steppe climate as it is located on an island and the area within 40km is enclosed by oceans and seas. The best time to visit Palma can be between the summer months from July to August. The tourists start arriving from June to October. It is also the most expensive time to visit, so if you are an economic traveller it is best to avoid these months.

Autumns in Palma de Mallorca are rainy, but there is ample sunshine for you to bask in. The crowds are less and you can get good deals on the hotels in Palma. The daily weather in Palma is around 23-250C (73-770F) during day time and 15-200C (60-720F) during night time. All and all they have a pleasant autumn.

The winter gets colder with average temperatures from 4-140C (40-570F). The winter months are best suited for those lone travellers who like to explore the island on their own. These people will find the place less crowded, but on the downside many hotels and restaurants will be closed.

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